Nora Ritchie

is a radio producer living in Brooklyn, NY.

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In sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live. We’ve all heard wedding vows before. They are the promise that we will commit to our spouse through thick and thin. But, what if one day, the person you are married to becomes a different person? Nora Ritchie spoke to Lynne and Gary Brennan in Barnstable to bring us the story. Produced at the Transom Story Workshop.


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The fat ass cancer bitch tells her story

Christine Ernst has survived cancer, but she would never call herself a cancer survivor. She prefers Fat Ass Cancer Bitch. Nora Ritchie reports from Sandwich, MA.  Produced for WCAI's Creative Life Series.



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Sonic IDs are radio station ID breaks that features the voices, sounds, and stories of the listening community. This one features Christine Ernst remembering the day she fell in love with her husband. Produced for WCAI.